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dc-t he Groton Film Society is

In Hibernation.

From December 2007 to June 2009, GFS mounted 15 screenings, three of them combined with wine tastings; one community benefit; and six cooperative events with other groups in town including the Groton Public Library, “Ticked off” (the local Lyme disease support group), Groton Local, and the NDO Mountain Biking Club.

We suspended operations due to a combination of factors: lack of money (membership drives and fundraising became more of a challenge), venue challenges (it had become increasingly difficult to coordinate consistent screening locations), and — most particularly — lack of time and volunteers.

We the committee who organized and ran GFS found it impossible to clone ourselves, once other life priorities began to clamor for attention. While a number of members offered to help out on occasion, the needed volunteers who could commit time and energy over the long term, attend regular committee meetings, and especially provide leadership, never materialized.

We wish to thank all who have helped make the Groton Film Society a vibrant addition to the life of our town: our sponsors, our Founding Members Ed and Kate McNierney, our Supporting Members David and Suzanne Sinnery, Lawrence Academy, the Groton School, the Groton Senior Center, and most particularly our members and volunteers.

We will keep the GFS corporate shell and non-profit status alive against the possibility that in the future some person or group may be willing to breathe new life into the endeavor. The email addresses will continue to forward. Community groups wishing to show a film for any public-spirited purpose can to request the assistence of GFS’s mailing list and/or equipment. Read this article to learn how to quickly lose weight.