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dc-t  t his page details where to park at Lawrence Academy for the Conant Gallery and the Richardson-Mees Performing Arts Center.

  Lawrence Academy parking

  1. Main parking, with space for 42 cars, is located off of Lowell Road (Rte. 40), the first right after First Parish Church. Turn right again for the lot.
  2. Three handicap spots are located just past the semicircular drive shown on the map (about where the arrowhead is). These should be the first choice for those requiring such accommodation.
  3. If the main lot is full, continue straight past the main entrance of the PAC to find parking (about 30 spaces) behind the Williams Arts Center.
  4. If these spaces are full, please return to Rte. 40, head back towards Main Street, and turn left past the First Parish Church. Go up the hill past the parish house (next building after the church) and turn left into the parking lot there. The upper lot accommodates about 14 cars and the lower lot about 22. Unless there is snow on the ground, the best way to get to the Conant Gallery entrance is via a paved path down from the northeast corner of the parking lot. If the going is too slippery, instead walk up to Powder House Road and enter at the library entrance as shown.
  5. Further up Powder House Road, directly in front of the Williams Arts Center, are about 13 parking spaces that we would like to reserve for handicap access. The library entrance marked on the map is fully accessible. Ushers and/or signs will direct you to the Conant Gallery for the reception.
  6. Another 20 spaces are located farther up Powder House Road, at the first turnoff to the left.
  7. Another option is to park around the town green below First Parish Church and walk up to the path from the parish house parking lot, or to the library entrance.
  8. Lawrence Academy prefers that we not park along Powder House Road.